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Established in 2008, Artha Logistics is one of the leading international freight forwarding, project logistics and total logistics delivering cost-effective solutions throughout the Asia and Worldwide.

Artha Logistics develops comprehensive freight forwarding, project logistics and total logistics tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. This is accomplished by learning customer’s exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that Artha Freight will provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market. Our tried and proven multimodal transportation routes ensure international reach whatever your cargo and timeframe is. As the preferred supplier for various companies and the first point of contact to increase supply chain efficiency in the region, we are very proud of our reputation and always strive to maintain it.


Supported  by  its  own  offices  and  associates  worldwide,  Artha Logistics employs  a  team  of professionals that follows up and follows through on each and every transaction we manage.

With our Global Service Network across 32 locations, we aim to be the most reliable Freight Forwarding, Project Logistics Management Company in the market with an inspired, people-driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers.

While we are proficient in offering worldwide moving, freight forwarding, project logistics and related services, we are not satisfied with just that: we also strive to be committed advisors to our customers and associates at all times.


Successful  freight  forwarding,  project  logistics  and  total logistics  services  in  challenging markets  require  expertise,  inside  knowledge,  and  a  reputation  that businesses  can  trust.  This  is  why  Artha Logistics  is  the  preferred  choice  of  many  companies in the region. Our in-depth knowledge, coupled with our regional and international service network makes Artha Logistics a leading service provider in the region.

Artha Logistics provides a “one-stop-solution” to meet all of your logistics requirements. Whether you are looking to relocate household goods across the region or move an offshore drilling platform across the seas, Artha Logistics has the capability, expertise and experience to make it happen. You will get personalized service at every level with Artha Logistics because we are truly independent, make our own decisions and specialize in our home market.


Our primary objectives are to promote Total Quality Management and to maintain our success through steady investments in our service expansions and innovations. Our goal is to promote health, safety and environmental policy throughout our organization.

Our aim is to be the best customer service team in our profession. We strive to develop and maintain a first-class infrastructure to ensure employee satisfaction, which drives customer loyalty leading to sustained profit growth and creating improved company value.