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Container haulage

All our Prime Movers are equipped with GPS System and digital truck radio communication system together with a computerised haulage system and on-line port system. Our Container Haulage Department is capable of tracking and monitoring prime movers, trailers and container movements at any time within any vicinity en-route to the port and vice versa. We have a container transit point / temporary storage area of more than 3.5 acres in Telok Gong. Reefer plug points are available to cater for temperature- controlled containers at our yard. As a specialist in import and export of container haulage in West Malaysia, we are a rising star in the industry. From the rank of. 102 when began operations in 2011, we have now become top 30 haulier in Port Klang in terms of TEU (Twenty- foot Equivalent Unit)


Our container haulage operation was formed in May 2011 in order to provide more comprehensive logistics solutions to our customers. Realizing the competitive nature of this industry, our Container Haulage Department has adopted a two-prong strategy upon entering the industry.

  • To cater to our existing customers whereby there is ready cargo to carry
  • To serve freight forwarders nationwide

The above strategy proved fruitful as our container haulage operation was able to turnaround a profit within its first year of operation. With its expected growth rate, our container haulage operation become one of our core income contributors.


North Port (Port Klang)

West Port (Port Klang)

Kuantan Port

Johor Port (Pasir Gudang)

Johor Port (Tanjung Pelepas-PTP)


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