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Rail Freight

Artha Logistics specializes in Railway and Intermodal Transportation Services between Inter State and the Asia region. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the railway networks and freight payment code system enables us to respond timely and professionally to all kind of complex and unusual railway and intermodal transportation requirements of our customers.

One of Artha Logistics specialized activities is full container load “FCL” service. Our unique concept of “Artha Freight Box” enables our customers to benefit from considerable savings in renting or purchasing equipment for the transportation of their goods to/from Europe, Middle East, Far East, and China. Our railway and intermodal services extend beyond just moving containers and break-bulk cargo from Point A to Point B. Various post landed services such as customs clearance, terminal handling, door delivery and inland distribution are routine matters of our business. Besides 20ft and 40ft container transportation, Artha Logistics offers railway transportation of break- bulk, refrigerated, over-sized and heavy cargoes with equal efficiency.

Artha Logistics enjoys direct business relationship and General Service Agreements with all Regional Railway Companies. Over the years, Artha Freight has also developed relationship with railways and can outsource a  variety  of  conventional  railway  wagons,  railway  refer  sections  and  fitting  platforms  directly  from railroad companies.

Our Railway and Intermodal Services include

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