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We operate over 40 vehicles used exclusively for the container transport and logistics sector within the Peninsular Malaysia. We are operational around the clock 365 days a year, ensuring a seamless flow of trade for all our clients however small or large.

Our fleet of equipment comprises of Tractor units and a variety of trailer combinations including sliding skeletals, fixed skeletal and side lifters. We can plan and execute "out of gauge" movements as well. We are also able to carry dangerous goods containers by utilising up to date safety equipment and through our continuous ADR driver training programme.

All equipment in our fleet is maintained to the highest standards in order to maximise "up time", reliability, customer satisfaction and to ensure total legal compliance, giving our customers complete confidence.

Our vehicles are tracked and communicated with via state of the art mobile radio technology to ensure precise and timely movements.
Security is paramount to Artha, so every driver utilises container locks, secure parking precautions and all our vehicles are fitted with alarms and immobilisers in order to secure your cargo to the highest degree.

Container Semitrailer

Container Semitrailer for carrying 20', 40' AND 45' ISO container that suitable for short or long distance travel.

20Ft Container Semitrailer Design to cater for fast delivery of 20' containers in the short travel distance. Shorter overall wheelbase enables easy manoeuvrability in the narrow road.
40Ft Container Semitrailer Semitrailer provides the capacity to carry one unit 40' container or two unit 20' container. It's offer flexibility to the operator to take on both size of the container.
45Ft Container Semitrailer Ideal semitrailer design length to accommodate most common container size, 20', 40' and 45'. Commonly used for long travel time, such as cross border delivery between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
Tipping Container Semitrailer

To maximize your business profit in transporting dry bulk products, it’s commonly use 20’ and 40’ container with liner bag to transport the dry bulk material. We provide 20’/40’ Skeleton Container Tipping Semitrailer to make your unloading simple and easy to handle.

Our tipping mechanism are using reliable hydraulic system handle your product with care. To ensure your business will enjoy the good efficiency and good quality of service, we are standing by to provide guidelines if you require.
Side Loader

When a truck arrives with its container at a terminal, offloading has to be completed quickly – trucks which stand idle cost money. So why wait for a crane or a fork lift truck or perhaps to have to uncouple the trailer? With a Site Loader the driver himself can offload the container within a few minutes and then drive on. In this way, you do not have to rely on others to offload a container from your truck.

We offer a tried and tested technique which increases efficiency and rationalises the handling of containers, wherever you want to transfer or move them.

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